Advances in Security Technology and Airbag Defects

Progress in safety technology over the past 30 years has been extraordinary. Nearly every car marketed today goes through a difficult safety screening process. Cars that win high stars in safety are often marketed based on safety. Most car safety ratings are based on airbag number and efficacy. But while airbags have saved many lives since their inception, there are a number of cars on the market with damaged airbags that can sometimes cause damage rather than protecting the driver and passengers.

Issues with Airbags

The newest cars on the market include more airbags than once thought possible. New cars may include the following types of airbags:

• Frontal

• Passenger

• Side

• Side tubular or curtain

• Knee

• Rear curtain

• Rear collision

The rising number of airbags in a car makes the potential for a defect much greater. Some major issues with airbags include:

• Failure to deploy-this is one of the most common types of product liability lawsuits regarding airbags. In order to be effective, bags must deploy immediately upon forceful contact with another car or stationary object. If the bag is defective, it may deploy after the major part of the wreck or never deploy at all.

• Premature deployment-bags may deploy right before it is needed during a car accident, or in some cases, at a random time while driving. Premature deployment can actually lead to a very serious accident as the driver will likely completely lose control over the car upon deployment.