The Advantages of Bulk Powders Heat Exchanger Technology

Technological advancements in the field of industrial processing have brought dynamic impacts and developments when it comes to productivity and product quality. If before, heating and cooling bulk powder materials using the traditional method is very inefficient and at the same time yields low quality final product. Today, we can find a lot of innovative technology that were expertly engineered to provide efficiency in the major industrial processes like heating and cooling bulk solids such as sugar, fertilizer, chemicals, plastics, dried biosolids, minerals, and many other types of grains, crystals and bulk powders.

The bulk powders heat exchanger technology is one of the worlds leading technologies in cooling and heating bulk solids materials and bulk powders of all types. It was expertly designed with technical superiority compared to other competing technologies we have today. Furthermore, it has many innate advantages that are incomparable and couldn’t be matched with the traditional method of processing bulk solids materials.

Produces Superior Bulk Powder Quality

Unlike with other bulk processing technologies, the bulk powders heat exchanger technology maintains the highest quality while heating and cooling bulk materials by not altering the particle characteristics through out the entire process. This was made possible by making the materials to pass through the bulk powders heat exchanger technology at a slow and controlled rate to avoid any damages to the products and by which also allows the precise prediction and control of the products final temperature.

Energy-efficient Processes

The bulk powder heat exchanger technology saves a lot of energy since it uses up to 90% less energy compared to the traditional method and other competing technologies. This proven efficiency is a result of a proprietary process that does not rely on air, which means users save energy while eliminating emissions. Unlike to the traditional method which rely entirely on air in all it’s processes, this new technology cools and heat bulk products with out the use of air. This means that you save energy and at the same time you eliminates emission and other accompanying problems by having the products contacts with the air.

No Emissions, Dusts, Fines and Odors

With the help of the indirect plate cooling design, air was not used in cooling bulk materials and it has no contacts with the products during the entire process, thus, the risks of bacterial contamination, odor contamination, and product moisture content changes are totally eliminated. Also, emissions, dust, fines and odors are eliminated because air is not used to directly cooling the product.

No Moving Parts and with Compact and Modular Design

The bulk powder heat exchanger technology was designed to process bulk product materials with out any moving parts to provide easy maintenance, reliable operation and years of low cost. In addition, this technology has a vertical configuration making it both modular and compact. Its modular design allows additional heat exchanger plate banks in the future if increased cooling capacity is required. On the other hand, its compact installation makes it easy to integrate in existing plants and is ideal for de-bottlenecking, revamps and capacity increases.